Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we have received from the collector community.

Q1: Are ZirconCases safe for my collection?

A1: Absolutely! We have painstakingly designed, tested, and re-designed our cases to provide astute collectors with sleek and secure options to protect their collection. For example, the high grade acrylic used in our products is chemically inert.


Q2: What's the optical transparency of ZirconCases? 

A2: The high grade acrylic we have selected for our products boasts an astounding 92% optical transmission. That is better than most glass! 


Q3: Which slabs will fit in ZirconCases?

A3: Our products currently accommodate all generations of PCGS, NGC, and CACG slabs except for the PCGS Regency. If you find one of these slabs does not fit in your case, please reach out to us.


Q4: I have a collectible item that does not fit in one of ZirconCases existing products. Are you able to assist me?

A4: Our mission is to protect every collectible on Earth so that it is preserved for future generations. Feel free to Contact Us.


Q5: Why use acrylic instead of glass?

A5: Glass is nearly twice the weight of acrylic and is prone to chips and scratches that cannot be polished out.